Managing claims takes up too much of
your employees' productive time ?

We can fix that with our Red Carpet Claims Assistance.

Managing Insurance claims is not your business

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The Claims Dossier

Do you feel lost while filing an insurance claim?
Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of documents to be submitted and the lengthy forms to be filled during the claims process? Are you tired of waiting for long hours to get replies to your claim-related queries?

When misfortune strikes, and you turn to your insurer for compensation, you would expect to receive good service in return for the premium you’ve paid so that your claim goes through smoothly.
A good insurance claim assistance program provides complete claim services to its customers right from claim intimation to claim payment and ensures that you have a hassle-free claim experience. Our Red Carpet Claims assistance provides you with that and more.

Imagine if your Employee could spend 3 minutes with a real live person, help them fill up health insurance claim form with all the relevant papers, answer all insurer questions, file an Insurance Claim, follow up and get the money transferred into their bank account. Thats what Ethika does.

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We strive to get every Health Insurance Claim settled fast,
And with a thank you note from your employee.