" When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute. "

– Simon Sinek

Create an Emotional Bond with your Employees.

With our Powerful EAP Program

Here is how it is done

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Nowadays, stress, anxiety, and depression are a part of every employee's life. Various personal, professional, financial, or reasons are responsible for the struggle employees face now more than ever, and these challenges disrupt their productivity.

Solve Your Employees Problems and Prepare them to fight with unseen Challenges. Employees' happiness directly affects the clients' happiness & client retention rate. Provide your employee's solutions from experts that guide them properly to face their challenges, prepare them for future challenges, and effectively deal with them.

We are EAP providers who can assure you the best support for your employees through our employee counseling services.

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Help your Employees Deal with Problems - Effectively.

Expert, personalized, and confidential employee counseling support

What else your employees will get?

Financial Counseling Vector Icon - Employees Assistance Program DASS Score

Designed to assist employees in tracking and managing their mental health using the Depression Anxiety Stress Scale (DASS). Our platform provides a convenient way for employees to regularly assess their mental well-being, helping them identify potential issues and take proactive steps toward self-care.

Happiness QuestionnaireHappiness Questionnaire

Tool designed to measure the well-being and satisfaction of employees in the workplace. It typically consists of a series of questions that employees are asked to answer based on their own perceptions and experiences.

EAP  Resources EAP Resources

Designed to provide practical tools and exercises that employees can use to better understand and cope with various challenges. Covers topics such as stress management, communication skills, emotional regulation, and goal setting.

When do you need to implement EAP?

Nowadays, if you observe your employees, everyone suffers from any issue. Here are some signs (along with the reasons) you may notice in your employees which generate the need for this program, and you should implement it.

  • Late to Work
  • Entirely Missing the Work
  • Conflict With Other People
  • Unhealthy Behavior in the organization
  • Decrease in their Productivity
  • Distancing oneself from colleagues
  • Reluctant to take work responsibility
  • Contributing bare minimum
  • Procrastination
  • Self critic
  • Gaslighting colleagues
  • Letting go of IJP’s
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How does it work ?

When an Employee is facing any personal issues, they put a request for 1-2-1 online counseling support on our web portal along with a brief description of the problem.

Alternatively any of the colleagues can also refer him to us if they think we could be of help to him.

We then fix up a1-2-1 counseling session through telephone or video call within 8 hours with a counselor who has expertise in solving the type of issue the employee mentioned.

Your Organization will get a report on how many employees used the EAP services and the feedback rating they gave us without knowing the name of the employee and nature of issue

Since it is kept with 100% confidentiality assurance, Employees can freely share their personal problems without worrying about being judged.

A follow up session can be fixed if the counselor feels the employee needs more sessions to cope up with the issue.

The counselor may also Provides referrals for additional services that may be needed

What will you get from this program?

Calender Vector Icon - Employees Assistance Program Reduction in

Leaving the Office Vector Icon - Employees Assistance Program Reduction in

Representing of Productivity Vector Icon -  Employees Assistance Program Increase in
productivity rate

Relationship in Colleagues Vector Icon - Employees Assistance Program Better relationship
among colleagues

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Enhanced efficiency

How do I increase the usage of EAP programs?

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This is the major challenge faced by organizations in India. The employees hesitate to approach Counselors since approaching a psychologist is still seen as taboo in India.

We encourage your employees to use EAP by introducing the services repeatedly through our Employee engagement program.



An EAP is a workplace wellness program designed to boost your employees' performance by proactively helping them resolve personal issues. This program offers confidential and short-term support that assists a variety of issues, including financial, legal, physical, and mental health.

An Employee Assistance Program can give your employees a way to cope with personal issues that can have a negative impact on their job performance, such as work-related stress or problems outside of the workplace. With an EAP, employees have access to licensed, trained counselors.