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Here’s what you will learn in this workshop


The science behind the Workplace happiness and how you can use it to kickstart Workplace Happiness Culture in your organisation.


Why future CEOs will evolve from HR and how you can put yourself into the path of graduating from an HR to the CEO.


How some organisations are able to increase the productivity of employees by 500%, just by turning them into happy employees.


Why the No.1 performance indicator of an HR Leader in future will be to keep Employees Happy.


The size of the Employee Happiness Industry and ROI for creating a Happy Workplace.


Why it is the best time for HR to become an Employee Happiness & Performance Coach.


Framework and Roadmap for creating a Happier Workplace.

About the Speaker

Hello, I'm Susheel Agarwal.I will be your coach for this 9 hours intensive workshop. At 33 I was an average employee working in a highly competitive corporate. I was earning a salary that I always dreamt of during my college days. But I wasn't happy. I felt something was missing. There was a void inside me. That led me to quit my corporate job and start an insurance broking company. I realized then that the void was not due to my job but the absence of happiness at the job. I made it a priority to seek happiness in whatever I do. Now at 40 I am owning a reputed Insurance Broking Company valued over 10 million dollars. 100% boot strapped. Profitable from day 1.
Driven by a team of over 70 passionate people. Serving over 400 Clients who are our Sales Ambassadors. Surprisingly, I have more time now than ever before to do work that keeps me happy. One day something remarkable happened. Tupperware, one of our clients, invited me to talk about how I became a successful entrepreneur and how our team is so passionate. In that conversation, I realized that nothing I achieved was due to exceptional intelligence or good fortune. It was possible because I inspired my team members to find happiness at work. That realisation gave birth to a new idea and a bigger purpose for my life. What if we thought of employee health insurance not just as a tool for managing sickness, but as a tool for preventing it in the first place? We will have less sickness. More healthy and productive employees. Infact a happier India.
Thats how the "Employee Happiness Insurance Program" was born.
And those secrets of how to create your own Employee happiness insurance program will be shared in my next "From HR to CEO" workshop.

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About Ethika

About Ethika Insurance Broking
A new kind of insurance broker that combines
technology and innovation to make Employee
Health Insurance Simple, Humane and Proactive
In other words,Employee Health Insurance that covers not only sickness
but Employee Wellbeing & Happiness too :-)

About Office Anand

The "Office Anand Foundation," spearheaded by Susheel Agarwal, is a visionary initiative dedicated to fostering a more vibrant and positive work environment within Indian corporate establishments. With a clear aim of enhancing the overall well-being and job satisfaction of employees, this foundation offers a range of innovative strategies and learning opportunities through its enlightening workshops. At the heart of the Office Anand Foundation's mission lies the goal of cultivating a culture of happiness across various Indian corporate houses. Recognizing the significant impact of employee well-being on organizational success, the foundation empowers top executives, including CXOs (Chief Experience Officers), with the knowledge and tools needed to create workplaces that prioritize happiness and contentment.

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What you need is intention and sincere efforts to learn and implement the strategies. Most of the strategies can be implemented by HR at no cost or minor cost to the organisation.