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    Ethika insurance broking is the best insurance broker in Bengaluru which provides risk management solutions to the organizations. Ethika insurance broking offers Group Health insurance, Group super top-up health insurance, Liability insurance, Engineering insurance, Retail Health insurance etc. Ethika insurance broking is the go to insurance broker in Bengaluru and for more details on the product offerings please book a call with Ethika insurance broking by clicking on this link. Here are the reasons which makes Ethika insurance broker the top insurance broking company in India. Ethika insurance broking is working to build a healthcare ecosystem with group health insurance services.

    Bengaluru is the IT capital of India and has the second most registered number of companies after Mumbai & Delhi. There are more than 1.8 Lakhs registered companies in and around Bengaluru making it the most famous city for having insurance brokers.

    Ethika insurance broker is the best broking company in Bengaluru for small and medium enterprises as the requirement of risk management for these enterprises is on the rise. Most of the large enterprises and organizations have their own risk management teams in place to advise on the risk management practices but for the small and medium enterprises Ethika insurance broking would act as the best channel partner.

    Insurance brokers act as an intermediary between the insurance company and the customer. Insurance brokers advice the customers on different insurance policies and suggest the best insurance policy. Insurance brokers provide risk management solutions and advise clients on the best risk management practices after analyzing the risk portfolio of the customer.

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    Knowledge of insurance

    The main thing an organization or a HR expects from an insurance broker is knowledge of the insurance products. The more knowledge of the insurance, the more effective the advice would be. The best insurance broker in Bengaluru, Ethika insurance is a pioneer in the insurance broking industry. They have very much experienced people working in their organization which makes them the perfect company to deal with for any organization.

    The level of knowledge required and advice provided for large organizations, SME organizations is different as the requirements of these would be quite different. In addition to this each industry has its own perils and the insurance should be taken in accordance to it in such a way that the risks are covered under the policy.
    For example a chemical industry would be required to cover occupational diseases under the group health insurance policy as there would be claims related to occupational diseases of employees working in these kinds of companies. In other cases such as real estate companies the level of risk would be different and the knowledge to be applied is different for this case.

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    Ethika insurance broker is the best insurance broker in Bengaluru providing best insurance advice to their customers depending on their occupations and the risks they are exposed to.

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    Highly responsive

    The main characteristic of any successful broker is that they should be highly responsive when dealing with the customers. The response time also known as the turnaround time makes a great impact on the business of the insurance broker. Ethika insurance broking strives to maintain the high response when approached by their customers. The response can be in terms of the claim servicing or additions or deletions of the employees under the group health insurance policy. The less the response time from the insurance brokers, the more the customer would be satisfied. Due to the advent in technology many companies prefer to deal online instead of going to the office of the insurance broker and this necessitates the turnaround time to be minimal.
    The best insurance broker in Bengaluru is Ethika insurance as it has introduced the software which can be synchronized with the HR portal of the organization and everything can be done from the same portal. For instance the additions and deletions of the employees can be done from the same portal as it is linked with the insurance broker software.

    The additions and deletions would be done in real time as long as there is sufficient balance in the account of the customer to necessitate the additions and deletions. This has helped the companies to know the status of their queries realtime without the need to call the insurance broker everytime to know the status of the claim.

    The claim settlement process can also be viewed by the organizations from the same portal which is synchronized with the insurance broker and the required documents can be uploaded on the same portal which would be processed by the insurance company in real time. All the required documents are to be uploaded on the portal and the hard copies can be sent to the registered address of the insurance company.


    The best insurance broker in Bengaluru is the one which is transparent while dealing with the customers. Ethika insurance broking provides the quotes from different insurance companies to their customers and gives them the option to select from among the quotes. This way the transparency would be maintained by the Ethika insurance broking which means the customers can avail transparent services from the broker.

    Transparency is very important when dealing with customers as transparency can lead to long term association with the broker in the insurance market. Insurance brokers try to present the group health insurance quotes at the lowest possible premium after negotiating with the insurance companies and pass on the benefit to the customers. Ethika insurance broking maintains transparency from the beginning to end.

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    Reputations in the market

    The best insurance broker is the one which maintains reputation in the market. The reputation in the market is decided by the retention ratio of that particular insurance broker. For instance the retention ratio of Ethika insurance is more than 90% which means that 9 out of 10 customers renew their group health insurance policies with Ethika insurance at the time of renewal. This is the reputation maintained by Ethika insurance in the insurance market. With this reupation one can easily understand the services provided by Ethika insurance to their customers.

    Value added services

    There are many value added services provided by Ethika insurance broking such as Red carpet claim assistance, employee happiness program, employee engagement program and employee wellness programs. All these value added services are provided at free of cost to the customers of Ethika insurance broking. Any customer who has taken a group health insurance policy can avail these value added services at any point of time during the policy period without the need to pay an extra amount.

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    These value added services are available throughout the year to all the employees of the organization availing the group health insurance policy services. These value added services are provided by the best insurance broker in Bengaluru which is the Ethika insurance broker at free of cost. As a part of the value added services Ethika insurance provides fastrack claim assistance program to all the employees purchasing the group health insurance policy where the employees should submit the basic details and the rest would be taken are by Ethika insurance broking.